Atheist Penn Jillette offers an Impressive Defence to the Role of the Pope

Fantastic! Penn Jillette’s voice is one that needs to be echoed more.

Life after Epiphany

This is quite remarkable:

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8 thoughts on “Atheist Penn Jillette offers an Impressive Defence to the Role of the Pope

    • Thank you for the comment. I reblogged this originally because I really like the side that Penn Jillette is taking.
      Also, it comes as no surprise to me that Atheists are more well-informed about religions as the believers! That’s a great survey.

  1. wow. what a point / counterpoint. I saw Penn and Gillette a while back; watch his shows on TV and think he is great.

    I am a Christian (ish) studier of many religions (in course of degree) Taoism and Buddhism included, born and raised Catholic–so very interesting to me. I classify myself more as a spiritual person, because I don;t believe in blood sacrifice and hard and fast rules about the naming of God (especially determining eternal fate) and I have to agree with Penn. Either you are all in with the clergy–or you are interpreting it on your own.

    I agree with Piers that the Catholics have dangerously misrepresented the Bible, too.

  2. Did you see Sinead O’Connor speaking about the role of the pope? I never knew she was a Catholic priest! Although she’s speaking against the pope, she puts forward an interesting argument (it’s flawed – although I agree with her sentiment). As I’ve alluded to my position I’ll quickly summarise what it is. I believe in God although I see religion as superfluous to truth: it’s unnecessary, especially in these times. I don’t even think we need Christ (gasp!). God is simply that which is and we can become one with God if we too become that which we are i.e. if we detach from ego. But don’t worry, I’ve already thought of lots of arguments against my position: it’s just what makes sense to me!

  3. I posted an article in the atheism reddit a couple of weeks back, and i was very glad that I did. Not that I was transformed into becoming a non-believer, I am sound in my belief of God, but it rid the impression that atheist were of a different moral code. I am grateful to be able to close my eyes and speak to HIM who I believe is always there for me, and while i do not understand the ‘go it alone’ approach, I do understand that each of us are given a choice, and free will to choose. And being an atheist does not equate to being without a moral code, in fact, I briefly met a few, who demonstrated the type of enriching character that mimics the God I believe expects of us all. The dialogue between the two gentlemen in the video should be a model for debates between all peoples whom disagree. Thanks for reblogging. I am making rounds to all of the people that I share space with on a special list ‘This Week My Blog About Your Blog’.

    • lt is really refreshing to hear someone say that. I have had many people (mostly uneducated and equating me to an “academic snob”) that have accused me of lacking a moral code, or not understanding that morality does not come exclusively from scripture.
      Thank you for checking out my work. I will stop by your blog too.


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