Is overpopulation a threat to the Earth?

This is a post written by Paul Brodie in response to one of the arguments I used (and that is commonly used in the debate concerning the damage that we are/are not doing to planet) for the post: Cloudy With a Chance of Acid-Rain.


Paul and I usually have spirited discussions about political topics (although I don’t think global warming/greenhouse effect should be considered a political topic) and he brings a strong conservative view into the debate. Though I do not agree with many of the views he holds (and he would say the same about me), his strong convictions are compelling and it is important to understand all sides that are willing to work together.


Read this, stop by his blog, and give him some comments if you wish. He would love to have a discussion with you too.

Paul Brodie

Many people will read the title of this post and immediately shout YES! Others will read it and immediately shout NO! It is an interesting question that inspires powerful and quick responses, usually. I haven’t conducted any survey’s with experimental design, but I’ve had a lot of discussions with people and have seen decent amount of coverage of the topic on television programs to assume my statement is accurate. I’m speaking in generalities anyway (speaking being used generally in this very sentence). After reading an article from a blogger whose writing I enjoy, I decided to write about this spin-off topic for myself. For my own increased understanding of the topic (I’ll admit to being one of the folks who immediately shout NO! in response to the title question) I will present arguments for and against this debate, and then sum up with my personal point of view. Or try…

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