WellRead40’s Path Through Great Books


This project seems to be one of the most fantastic and and awe-inspiring collective lists that I have ever seen.  I had a sublime experience picking through the list, noting the works I had read, hadn’t gotten to yet, or hadn’t even known existed.  I will keep this list and do my best to know all of these masterpieces.


2 thoughts on “WellRead40’s Path Through Great Books

  1. Bet you I’ve not read a one…and I’m 63. I guess there’s no time like the present…although life’s got other more interesting offerings for me. Difference in ages, I guess. 🙂

  2. On our recentr trip to the Carmel Valley region of California, I pulled a volume of stories by John Stinebeck to read. I like to read something that comes fromt he region to which we travel. I completed one of the six novels included in the anthology. I noticed that the series (to the date when I purchased that volume 15 years ago) had over a hundred texts. Yikes! I’m falling behind. Keep reading and living.


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