My name is Dustin McMahon. I am a college student and am currently pursuing degrees in Philosophy and Political Science.

Bullet Points Of Me:
-> College Student
-> Atheist

-> Skeptic
-> Humanist
-> Explorer



It is important to note that my views and beliefs are always subject to rational discourse and testable data.

The purpose of this blog/opinion arena is to promote a meaningful dialogue between people; to ensure that communicate to each other, rather than at each other.

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If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at:  dmcmahon2019@yahoo.com

All material on this site: Copyright © Dustin McMahon.

77 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh hey! A fellow philosophy major! Thanks for the like on my post Dustin! So many questions as to you being an empiricist as opposed to a rationalist or if you follow Kant… not that it’s bad or anything, but more like what is your reason.


  2. Nice to meet you through the world of blogging – nice to be skeptical and gaining knowledge is a must I think in this world to set you up to a point where you can question and understand the ins and outs of the establishments etc. However – I will say this – Knowledge without wisdom is a man-made folly in my personal opinion and also not everything in this universe can be approached from a completely quantitative, empiricist approach – there is an emotional and spiritual side to humanity that the scientific community can not and must not dismiss out of hand – therefore this scientific approach to observing the world must be countered with a more qualitative and rationalist approach, looking within as well as with out the human body, mind and soul. Remember that a great part of the world has a faith of one kind or another and their ‘experiences’ may be very different to yours – as a student I say to you learn from them as well as the teachers and doctors who will ply you with facts, figures and statistics 😉


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